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My Story

I have long been an old soul traveling this life to learn and further myself as a person. Living as a gifted clairvoyant, (Claircognizance, Clairsentience, and Clairempath) can sometimes be challenging, but amazingly satisfying as well. The clairs are in all of us, however we do all have clearer ways to receive communication from the universe and need to practice our gifts for them to become stronger in us. As I grow on my own journey, these senses have become stronger, more practiced and clearer to understand. 

I believe that the universe has various ways to help guide us through our lives. We all have gifts, we must find the silence within ourselves to tap into those gifts. I also find this is an ever evolving and never ending process for us to hone our gifts.


As a seer, we are able to see into and through people, ideas and situations to grasp the greater whole. My personal Seer journey is ever evolving and through my journey over the last 23 years I have learned to not only create beauty, but focus my intentions to create positive change in my life. I have natural abilities of intellectual and spiritual creation which I communicate though the use of Tarot, numerology and colors. I specialize in bespoke sewing, bookmaking, Tarot reading, intuitive painting, candle, soap making and healing energy work. I am able to use these gifts to connect my clients with their own universal truth and focus.

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